Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill

  • ultra fine feed hammer mill

Introduction of Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill
Ultra fine feed hammer mill is one new type of superfine grinding equipment to process various kinds of coarse materials into the required standards. It mainly consists of rack, grading system, pulverizing system, feeder, crushing host drive part and grading motor drive part.

Application of Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill
Ultra fine feed hammer mill can be adopted by various large, medium and small size of feed processing factories. It can be applied to grind coarse materials such as corn, broom corn, rice, wheat and bean pulp into demanded mesh standards, which is also  especially suitable for micro grinding or superfine grinding of animal feed processing, such as shrimp, turtle, sea eel or other little animal. Besides ultra fine feed hammer mill can also be widely used in food, chemicals, buildings, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

fish meal  fish meal processed by fine feed hammer mill 

Features of Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill
1.It can finish grinding, air classification, separation and re-grinding procedures simultaneously as grinding chamber and grinding room is located in the same machine body.
2.Equipped with high-precision micrometer air classification system, grinding fineness can range 80-200 meshes and can be adjusted by your requirements.
3.Adopted high strength alloy steel blade, wear resisting tooth plate and narrow V-belt drive with long service life and low production costs.
4.Imported bearings and oil sealing are with high quality. It can realize non-stop production for a long time as the main bearing is equipped with a water cooling system.
5.High capacity, low power consumption,final products are uniform in fineness.

Working Condition of Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill
1.Ultra fine feed hammer mill should be located in a basement or ground floor. The temperature should be -5 to 40 degrees Celsius.
2.Operating voltage should be stable with deviation no more than 5%.
3.Diameter of feeding material no more than 1mm, while moisture content no larger than 12%.
4.Technically other equipment matched with ultra fine feed hammer mill should form a complete set of feed pellet mill production line.

Technical parameter of Ultra Fine Feed Hammer Mill

Model  Output(t/h)  Main Power(kw)  Rotor Diameter(mm)  Rotor Speed(rpm)  Sieving Motor Power(kw)  Feeding Motor Power(kw) 
AMSSWFL42   0.2-0.6  22  420 4865 4 0.55
AMSSWFL75   0.4-1.2  45 750  2598  5.5 0.75
 AMSSWFL102  0.6-2.5  75/90  1020  1878  7.5  0.75
AMSSWFL128   0.8-3.5  110/132   1280 1558 15  2.2



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