Automatic Feed Batching System

  • automatic feed pellet batching system

Automatic feed batching system is used for the batching and mixing of feed materials of animal feed, such as chicken feed, cattle feed, pig feed and goat feed etc. And the materials to be processed can be powder of grains like husks, maize, wheat, beans, peanut, etc. The weighting scope is 50-6000kg.

Roles of Feed Pellet Batching System Playing in Feed Pellets Plant
In feed pelletizing, the raw materials should be mixed after crushing in accordance with feed formula at precise proportion. Manually batching of the materials is not so exact, which may lead to inferior quality of feed. However, automatic feed batching system can help you. It can be used in medium or large sized feed pellet plants for batching feed at proper proportion. It is favored by pellet producers for its higher productivity, better quality control, less labor cost, etc.

 feed batching system

Features of Feed Batching System
1. High-performance computer is adopted as the batching host.
2. With this batching system, control, administration and optimization all can be realized.
3. By adopting this system, more than thirty kinds of materials can be batched at one turn.
4. All matters related to precision and speed of feeding can be set within the interface, and all can be automatically revised during operation.
5. Customers can adopt one scale, or two scales, or three scales for one machine to satisfy their demand according to the production scale that they desire.

Specification of Feed Pellet Batching System

 Model SPLG-One-Scale SPLG-Double-Scale   SPLG-Three-Scale  SPLG-Y-Instrument-Batching-Scale SPLG-W-Microelement-Scale 
 Number of Bin Control ≤21   ≤21 ≤21   ≤21 ≤24
 Matched Scale Single Scale  Double Scales  Three Scales  Single Scale  Single Scale/Double Scales 



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