Counterflow Feed Pellet Cooler

  • counterflow feed pellet cooler

Introduction to Counterflow Feed Pellet Cooler
Cooling of the feed pellets is indispensable in the process of feed pelletizing. Feed pellets come out from the pellet mill are with a temperature of 70℃-90℃. The counterflow cooler can cool them to 3℃-5℃ slightly above room temperature and reduce the moisture content to safety standard ( ≤12.5%). Thus they will be convenient to transport and store.

Features Of Counterflow Cooler for Feed Pellets
Counterflow cooler is a new type of cooler which is popular among global users. It cools the feed pellets with high temperature and high moisture content by the principle of counterflow cooling. That is to say, cold air goes through the material layer and then touch with the cold materials, and the hot air touch with the hot materials. The materials and the air flow into the opposite direction, thus the pellets will be cooled gradually. In this way, the pellets which are of high temperature do not directly contact with the cool air, so the surface cracking of pellets due to shock cooling can be avoided.

Cold air enters into the cooling machine from the bottom. There is a large area of inlet air, the cold air can be used efficiently. So it has a significant cooling effect. In addition, it consumes less energy and it can be easily operated. Counter flow cooler is better than the previous vertical and horizontal coolers.

Notes on Operating the Pellet Cooling Machine
1. Before feeding materials, the cooling machine should be operated without loading. Observe whether the components inside the machine are normal.
2. Inspect and make sure that all bolts are tightened and make sure the leveling device and the limit switch are installed on the appropriate positions.
3. Inspect and make sure that there is no sundries inside the machine.
4. After stopping the machine, operators should clear all the materials out to protect pellets from bonding.
5. The machine should be greased regularly.

Specification of Counterflow Feed Pellet Cooler

Model   SKLN1.5  SKLN2.5 SKLN4  SKLN6 SKLN8
Cooling Volume (m3  1.5 2.5 4 6  6
Capacity (t/h)   3 5 10 15  20
Cooling Time (min)    Not less than 6-10   
Power (kw)   0.75  0.75 1.5 1.5  1.5
Power of Air Lock (kw)   0.37 0.55 0.55  0.55 0.55



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