Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

  • diesel wood pellet machine

Introduction to Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill
With the popularity of biomass energy, people pay more attention to wood pellet mill which can convert waste biomass materials into wood pellets. The final wood pellets are environmental friendly that can be burned in boilers or pellet stoves. Powered by diesel engine, this kind of wood pellet mill is especially suitable for small scale industrial production in the area short of electricity supply. For people with lots of agriculture wastes or wood matters lying around your farm, wood pellet mill would be one best choice because it cannot only process good combustion pellets but also can earn extra money by selling pellets to others.

Characteristics of Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill
1.Wide application. It is suitable for individual houses, small scale wood pellet factory, farmlands, lumber mill, etc.
2.Sizes of pellets can be adjusted by changing die mold to meet your personal requirements.
3.Driven by diesel engine makes wood pellets can run at any places with no electricity limitations.
4.Simple structure, small floor area and low noise.
5.Good adaptability to the working places, long service time and easy to maintain.

Application of Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill
1. It can be used to process agricultural wastes into wood pellets, the raw agricultural wastes include straw, rice barn, cotton stalks, rice husk, peanut shell, palm fiber, corn cob, cornstalks, etc.
2. It is also suitable for processing wood wastes into wood pellets, such as wood particles, wood chips, sawdust, wood logs, forestry wastes, etc.
3. Final wood pellets made by diesel flat die wood pellet mill can be used for stove, boiler heating or animal bedding.

Tips to Pay Attention When Using Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill
1.Before operating the machine please read carefully the professional guidance and then follow strictly, failure to follow will cause parts defect or serious injury.
2.Check the easy-wear parts and other components regularly to ensure normal operation and long service life.
3.Avoid overloading production, away from moving parts, stop the diesel engine before repair.
4.As for the vibration, so you have to check regularly and re-tighten the screws and nuts.
5.In order to achieve high capacity and reduce wear, select suitable compression ratio according to different raw materials.

Technical Parameters of Diesel Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

 Model  H.P.  Capacity(kg/h) Flat die Dia.(mm)  Dimension(mm)
AMSPLM120D   8  40-60 120 550*300*710 
 AMSPLM200D  15  110-140 200  850*420*850
 AMSPLM300AD 30 220-280 300  1200*520*1050
AMSPLM300BD   35  250-300 300  1200*520*1050
 AMSPLM350AD  55  300-360  350 1270*580*1150 
AMSPLM400D   55  400-500  400  1350*600*1200



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