Double-Inlet Wood Crusher

  • double inlet wood crusher

Double-Inlet Wood Crusher Introduction
The double-inlet wood crusher is a type of newly developed wood crushing machine, which integrates the process of chipping and crushing to get the wood sawdust directly. With two feeding inlets, it is suitable for crushing not only the large size wood materials like wood logs, stem, bamboo, etc. But soft biomass materials like stalk, rice husk, grass, tree branches, etc. And the diameter of crushed materials is 3-5mm, which is perfect for further processing.

Features of Double-Inlet Wood Crushing Machine
1. Simple and compact structure, easy operation and high crushing efficiency.
2. Double feeding inlets, highly improving working efficiency.
3. Different diameters of screen holes to choose according to your needs.
4. Self-section feed inlet design is adopted to ensure security.
5. Both feeding and discharging are uniform.

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Wide Application of Double-Inlet Wood Crusher
1. Suitable raw materials: wood logs, stem, wood timbers, tree branch, bamboo, corn stalk, grass, wheat straw, etc.
2. Applicable industry: it is widely used in wood pellet plant, biomass briquette plant, paper making industry, fiberboard factory, high density board factory, wood powder factory, etc.

How Does the Double-Inlet Wood Crusher Work?
For the relatively large wood materials, they need to be chipped into small pieces first. Feed them into the small inlet, they are chipped by blades first, then crushed by the high-speed rotating hammers. And feed the soft biomass materials into the other inlet, they are crushed by hammers directly. During cutting, rotor produces high speed airflow, rotating along with the blade cutting direction. The crushed materials impact repeatedly in the airflow and rush to the sieve at a high speed until small enough to discharge from the screen hole. However, larger materials will be impacted by hammer again until smaller enough to be discharged.

Parameters of Double-inlet Wood Crushing Machine

 Model  Power  Rotating Speed Capacity  Blades Quantity  Dimension 
 HJS500  18.5kw  1450r/min 0.5-0.8t/h  4 2300*1000*1160mm 
 HJS600 22kw   1450r/min 0.8-1.0t/h  4 2060*1100*1450mm 
 HJS800  37kw 1450r/min   1-2t/h 4 2616*1584*1290mm 
 HJS1000 55kw  1450r/min   2-4t/h  4  2500*1360*1550mm


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