Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

  • electric flat die pellet machine

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Introduction
Electric flat die wood pellet machine is an ideal choice for small-scale wood pellet production at home, on the farm, in the yard or outside in the open air. Driven by an electric motor, the flat die wood pellet press is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly. It is important to emphasize that pellets can be easily produced from various biomass wastes, like corn stover, sawdust, bagasse, rice husk, etc. The wood pellets can be used as fuel for heating, cooking, BBQ or animal bedding, cat litter, etc. The flat dies of our flat die wood pellet mill are of various diameters to meet your different application needs.

Electric Wood Pellet Mill Features  
1. High capacity, low consumption, competitive price, small floor coverage and low failure rate make the flat die pellet machine economical and durable.
2. Small size makes it portable and convenient to move around.
3. Adopt screw center regulating structure, the clearance between rollers and flat die can be adjusted freely.
4. Adopt high precision gear transmission gearbox, ensuring reliable and efficient pelletizing process.
5. Equipped with quick disassembling type precisely-cast die clamp, able to change the new die and rollers fast and conveniently.
6. Both sides of flat dies can be used, so the service life is doubled.
7. Visible pelletizing process, easy to operate and maintain.

Requirements of Raw Materials for Pelletizing
Size: the raw materials must be less than 6mm in size, otherwise a crushing machine is needed.
Moisture: moisture is an essential factor that influences the final pellets quality. The most suitable moisture content for pelletizing is 12%-20%.
Purity: some metal scraps or stones may contain in the biomass materials, which can damage the rollers and die. So the impurities should be removed before pelletizing.

Wide Application of Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill
1. It is suitable for crude fiber pelletizing, the raw materials can be agricultural and forestry wastes, like corn stover, wood chips, rice husk, cotton stalk, cotton seed hull, weed, etc.
2. It is also applicable for processing the materials with low cohesion rate or shaping rate, and pelletizing the biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.
3. Flat die wood pellet mill is also good pelletizing equipment for animal bedding. Wood pellets can absorb up to 4 times their weight in moisture and ammonia to keep their house clean and fresh.

How Does the Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Work?
The flat die wood pellet mill is worked with rotating rollers and stationary flat die. The raw materials are fed into the feed hopper first, then fall down directly into the pelletizing chamber because of gravity. Under the effect of friction, the materials are compressed into the flat die holes. After shaping, the materials are squeezed out in the form of pellets. The rotating sharp cutter would immediately cut the exposed pellets into certain length.

Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill Technical Data

 Model  Power(kw)  Capacity(kg/h) Voltage  Flat Die Dia.(mm)  Dimension(mm) 
 AMSPLM120  2.2  40-60 Single phase:220V 50HZ
Three phase:380V 50HZ 
 120  550*300*710
AMSPLM200  7.5  110-140  Three-phase:380V 50HZ  200 850*420*850 
AMSPLM300A  15  220-280  Three-phase:380V 50HZ 300 1200*520*1050 
AMSPLM300B  18.5 250-300  Three-phase:380V 50HZ  300 1200*520*1050 
AMSPLM350A  22  300-360  Three-phase:380V 50HZ  350 1270*580*1150 
AMSPLM400 30  400-500 Three-phase:380V 50HZ  400 1350*600*1200 
AMSPLM500   55 700-800 Three-phase:380V 50HZ   500 1700*750*1450 
AMSPLM600  90  1200-1300 Three-phase:380V 50HZ   600 2100*900*1650 
AMSPLM700  132 1700-1800 Three-phase:380V 50HZ   700  2400*1050*1870



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