Feed Pellet Coating Machine

  • feed pellet coating machine

Introduction to Feed Pellet Coating Machine
Feed pellet coating machine is mainly used to spray fat, enzyme, vitamins, organic acids or other liquid nutriments on the surface of feed pellets. Feed pellet coating is one important process during the feed pellet production line, which can improve the quality, nutritious value and features of animal feed pellets.

Characteristics of Liquid Coating Machine for Animal Feed
1.Excellent post-addition technology makes feed liquid coating machine have good coating effect.
2.Drum type spraying can ensure uniformly spraying because the liquid can fully contact with feed pellets.
3.Adding amount is more accurate because it is controlled by computer.
4.After spraying nutritious elements, feed pellets have attractive palatability and disease resistance ability.

 feed pellets coating

Why Adopt Feed Pellet Coating Machine
1.Feed pellet coating machine can increase additive oil content greatly without affecting the pellet solidness.
2.With post-addition technology, it can reduce the residual oil on the processing machine, thus reducing the risk of cross contamination.
3.Feed pellet coating machine can produce pellets with high energy, better physical property and palatability. Coating can make animal feed pellets attractant as well as reduces abrasion. Higher quality feed pellets can bring in a higher price, new customer circles and then generate higher sales revenues.

Technical Parameters of Liquid Coating Machine for Feed

 Fluid reservoir capacity Added gear pump motor power   Adding amount error Spray coating uniformity   Adding amount Spray coating proportion  Output 
1T   1.5kw  ±1%  96%  0.04-0.14t/h   2%-7% 2-20t/h 



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