Feed Pellet Oil/Liquid Adding Machine

  • feedstuff grease liquid adding machine

Feed pellet oil/liquid adding machine is used to add nutritional ingredients (like oil or amino acid) into the feed mixer. This can make the feed pellets more favored by animals, such as fishes, poultry, livestock, pet etc. It is a necessary machine for feed pellet plant.

Features of Feed Pellet Oil Adding Machine
1. With this machine, the nutritional ingredients to be added shall be weighed in batches by hopper.
2. The feed pellet oil adding is controlled by PLC system, all operations can be done automatically without mistakes.
3. The oil tank is equipped with steam heating pipelines to heat the liquid in the tank. Filtering system is also equipped.
4. Both coarse filter and fine filter are equipped.

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How does Feed Pellet Oil/Liquid Adding Machine Work?
The materials to be added (i.e. oil and other liquids) shall pass through gear pump, one-way valve, fine filter, flow meter, spraying pipe and mixer step by step. As the quantity of materials to be added can be set by the programmable panel.

Specification of Feed Pellet Oil/Liquid Adding Machine

 Model  Storage Tank Volume  Adding Precision Adding Speed   Power
 SYTV32 1T  ±1﹪  32liter/min  2×1.5KW 
 SYTV63 2T  ±1﹪   63liter/min  2×3KW



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