• feed ribbon blender

Feed Ribbon Blender Introduction
The SLHY series feed ribbon blender is a mature type machine widely used in feed plant for mixing the powder materials to ensure the quality of compound feed. During the mixing process, you can add the liquids or nutrients that the animal needs to the grain powder, making the feed pellets more nutritional. The ribbon mixer can also be used for mixing chemical products, such as compound fertilizer, pesticide, additive, health care products, etc. especially suitable for the viscous material mixing.

Ribbon Blender for Animal Feed  ribbon feed blender structure 

Main Characteristics of Feed Ribbon Mixer
1. Optimal designed bidirectional ribbon rotor, gentle mixing process, high uniformity without segregation.
2. Short mixing time per batch, large discharging door assures fast material discharging and less residue.
3. Stable transmission and little abrasion. Various machine types including carbon steel, stainless steel, composite materials and others for your choice.
4. Multiple spraying atomizer can be equipped to add various liquids.
5. Easy and convenient to maintain.

Feed Ribbon Blender Working Principle
A ribbon agitator consists of a set of inner and outer helical blades. When the ribbon blender works, the outer ribbon pushes the materials from both sides to the center of the barrel, while the inner ribbon pushes the materials from the center to both sides of the barrel, which is the most effective design of ribbon layout. More vortexes can be formed during the materials flow, thus accelerating the mixing speed and improving the mixing uniformity.

Ribbon Feed Blender Technical Data

 Model Effective Volume  Each Batch Volume   Each Batch Mixing Time  Uniformity  Power
 SLHY1  1m3 500kg  3-6min  CV%≤7  11kw
 SLHY2 2m3 1000kg  3-6min CV%≤7  18.5kw
 SLHY4 4m3 2000kg  3-6min CV%≤7  30kw
 SLHY6 6m3 3000kg  3-6min CV%≤7  37kw
 SLHY8 8m3 4000kg  3-6min CV%≤7  45kw



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