Auto Feed Pellet Weighing & Packing System

  • feed pellet weighing & packaging system

Automatic Feed Pellet Weighing & Packing System Introduction
Automatic weighing & packing machine is widely applied to weigh and package various pelleted and powdery products, such as feed pellets, wood pellets, fertilizer and grain products etc. Equipped with advanced digital and intelligent weighing control system, this automatic feed pellet weighing & packing machine has stable performance, fast speed and high weighing precision. So this machine can improve working efficiency and save labor force.

Features of Automatic Feed Weighing & Packing System
1. Fast speed, stable performance, simple operation and high weighing accuracy.
2. Adopting bucket weighing and reasonable return air structure.
3. Easy installation, compact structure and reduced dust.
4. Using fully digital and intelligent weighing control instrument, which has tolerance alarm, net weight weighing, gross weight weighing, bag number accumulation and zero tracking functions.
5. Equipped with double-speed motor belt feeding mechanism, this machine is suitable for various materials.

feed pellet weighing and packing feed pellet bags

Application of Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine
Combined with the transport mechanism and the sewing machine, this automatic feed pellet weighing and packing machine is applied to packing feed pellets, gunk, sugar, peanut, powder, grain, fertilizer with good fluidity. It is an ideal machine for many medium and large size feed, food or other industries.

Structure of Feed Weighing and Packing Machine
The feed pellet packing machine is composed of storage bin, weighting system, conveying system, and control system.
1. Storage bin: this part is applied to taking over or storing the feed pellets or other particle materials temporarily.
2. Weighting system: the weight instrument can weigh specific weight of pellet material by setting data.
3. Conveying system: it conveys the bags from last process to next process.
4. Control system: the packing machine can works automatically and accurately with the control system, which is the brain of the pellet weigh and packing machine.

Automatic Feed Pellet Weighing & Packing System Technical Parameters

Weighing Hopper   Single hopper Small measurement   Double hopper No hopper 
Weighing Range(kg)  15-50   10-20  15-50 15-50 
Weighing Speed(bags/min)   6-8  5-7  8-12 4-6 
Power(kw)  1.1  1.1  3 1.1
Weighing Accuracy  Static≤±0.1%;Dynamic≤±0.2%    
Working Temperature  -10—40℃    
Installation Height(mm)   3700 3200  3800 2500



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