Mobile Wood Pellet Production Line

  • mobile wood pellet plant

Mobile Wood Pellet Line Introduction
With the 500kg/h capacity, the mobile wood pellet plant, known as portable pellet line, is more and more popular. It is designed for making wood wastes, agriculture wastes and other biomass materials into pellets to meet the use of home heating, farm, and small scale industry.

Featured by high efficiency, saving much space, low cost, low energy consumption, flexible working places and simple operation. This mobile pellet plant consists of wood crusher, sawdust dryer, screw elevator, flat die pellet mill, pellet cooling machine and electric control cabinet etc. And these main machines are settled on one foundation frame, so it is convenient to move.

Advantages of Mobile Wood Pellet Plant
1. Highest efficiency, low cost, and easy operation
2. Equipped with an integrated control cabinet, this pellet production plant is easy and convenient to control the working conditions.
3. Because all the machines are installed on one foundation frame, it is flexible and movable.
4. All kinds of raw material can be used, like agricultural residues, grass and wood residues.
5. For guaranteeing the density and good quality of wood pellet, we match the special reducer on the small wood pellet mill.
6. The noise of the mobile wood pellet plant is low since The pellet mill roller is of moderate speed.

Mobile Wood Pellet Line Technical Data

Model  AMSWPP 500kg/h 
 Wood Pellet Diameter 6-16mm 
Capacity   400-600kg/h 
 Pellet Density  1.1-1.4t/m3
Material Moisture Content  13%~18% 
Overall Size (L*W*H)   8000*2000*3200mm (20 feet container for delivery)

Main Machines of the 500kg/h Pellet Production Line
1.Crushing machine: Generally, you should cut them at first if the raw material is too large. The ideal size of raw material is 3-5mm. This crusher can be used to crush various raw materials like logs, stems, twigs, sugarcane bagasse, groundnut shell, sorghum stalks, wheat straw, palm husk, etc.
2.Pipe drying machine: Moisture content of raw material plays an important role in wood pellet production line since it can have an effect on the pellet quality. So based on the functions of high efficiency, large capacity and short drying time, this pipe dryer is designed for the raw materials whose moisture content is higher than 16%, diameter is less than 3mm and the length is less than 5mm. According to your demand, this pipe dryer can be customized.
3.Screw elevator: Screw elevator, conveying device, transport the crushed or dried biomass material for making pellet. Its conveying length can be as long as 40 meters.
4.Pellet mill: Flat die wood pellet machine plays an irreplaceable role in wood pellet production line, which turns biomass material like agricultural residues, forestry wastes, sawdust into biomass pellets. Featured by low failure rate, competitive price, small floor coverage and low consumption, it is economical and durable.
5.Pellet cooling machine: Coming out from small pellet machine, the pellets are of moisture content above 16% and high temperature about 70-85℃, so it is inconvenient to package, storage and transport in case of mildew. This wood pellet cooler combines the functions of cooling and sieving. Therefore, during the process, Wood powder or incompetent pellets can be sieved out.
6.Electric controlling cabinet: Setting with switches, measuring meter, protective devices and auxiliary equipment, the electric control cabinet, an integrated device, provide power to wood pellet production line. When there is breakage, the alarm will ring and power will shut down. With failure alarm, malfunction location system and simple operation, it is widely applied to feed, food, chemical, steel and flour, steel industries.

With high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, movable and simple operation, the mobile wood pellet plant is popular with families and small scale industries as fuel. On the other hand, the pellets are with smooth surface, longer burning time and high density, which are made from the mobile wood pellet plant.

We can also offer the professional customized wood pellet line with different capacity for you.


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