• PTO wood pellet mill

PTO Wood Pellet Mill Introduction
This PTO wood pellet mill is a pellet making machine, of which power is taken off. Unlike other wood pellet machines, the PTO wood pellet mill has no engine and be powered by a tractor. And it is applied to process all kinds of biomass raw materials, such as sawdust, wood residues and agriculture wastes, etc. On the other hand, the PTO wood pellet mill is small, as for farmers, it is a good choice.

PTO Wood Pellet Mill Features
1.Low energy consumption and high efficient. It can work continuously by using less energy.
2.Lower price. Because it has no power engine, the price of PTO pellet mill is lower than other pellet making machines.
3.According to your demand, the PTO wood pellet machine can be customized.
4.Compact structure, reasonable design, movable and convenient to use. Due to it is smaller in size, lighter in weight and connected with the tractor. The PTO wood pellet machine can move around and easy to operate.

Why Choose PTO Wood Pellet Mill?
1. Saving energy and high working efficiency.
2. The raw material is easy to get, including crop stalk, sawdust, weed, wood wastes, etc. So this PTO pellet mill is suitable for farmers.
3. Compared with other pellet machine, PTO pellet machine is movable since it is light in weight, and small in volume.

Tips on PTO Wood Pellet Mill
1. Before using the PTO driven wood pellet mill, you should read the instructions carefully.
2. According to the tractor you own, choosing proper PTO pellet machine is important.
3. You should pay attention to the feeding speed because PTO wood pellet mill is without a variable speed control system and only one source of power at one speed.

PTO Wood Pellet Mill Technical Data

 Model Power  Die diameter  Size of die hole  Capacity   Moisture content
AMSKL120P  6-10hp   120mm  2.5-10mm  40-60kg/h  12%-20%
AMSL150P   6-12hp  150mm 2.5-10mm  50-90kg/h   12%-20%
AMSKL200P   10-18hp  200mm 2.5-10mm  110-140kg/h   12%-20%
AMSKL230P  18-28hp   230mm 2.5-10mm   150-190kg/h  12%-20%
 AMSKL260P 28-45hp   260mm 2.5-10mm   220-280kg/h  12%-20%
AMSKL300P   45-55hp  300mm 2.5-10mm  300-360kg/h   12%-20%
 AMSKL360P  50-60hp  360mm 2.5-10mm  300-380kg/h   12%-20%
 AMSKL400P  50-70hp  400mm 2.5-10mm  400-550kg/h   12%-20%



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