• rotary wood dryer

Rotary Wood Dryer Introduction
With high efficiency, low fuel consumption and large capacity, the rotary wood dryer is suitable for drying the materials with high moisture content to increase biomass fuel efficiency of 5-15% and lower down emission. It is composed of hot air stove and main rotary drum. Besides, the rotary wood dryer is applied to dry various biomass materials, including wood shavings, straw, bagasse, sawdust, wood chips, leaves and alfalfa etc. So it is popular with many sections, such as pellet, feed, metallurgical, coal, chemical, fertilizer, and agricultural industry etc.

Rotary Drum Dryer Features
1.High temperature and high air resistance is used for drying materials efficiently.
2.Large capacity, low energy consumption and low cost. Compared with other dry machine, the consumption of rotary wood dryer is reduced by 8%-16% and the production ratio is increased by 10%-15%.
3.Depending on your requirements, the moisture content can be adjusted.
4.Using self-aligning type tug structure to reduce wear.
5.Environment friendly. During the working process, the rotary wood drying machine has little dust and noise. Furthermore, the hot air furnace with the special design can supply the clean hot air for the rotary dryer.

rotary wood dryer working process
Rotary Wood Dryer Structure and Work Principle
With reasonable design and large capacity, rotary drum dryer is a horizontal drying machine, composed of rotating cylinder, transmission device, supporting device and shoveling plates etc.
With transfer system, the raw materials are delivered into rotary cylinder, and then these raw materials are flied by raising plate device and scatter down to move in a spiral forward style. During process, biomass materials are enough to contact with the hot air, speed up the drying heat and mass transfer. At last, the biomass material comes out from the end of rotary drum dryer.

Why Need Rotary Drum Dryer?
If you want to make biomass pellets, the moisture content of biomass materials is a key part, which has an effect on pellets directly. When the moisture content of biomass material exceeds 16%, the pellet quality will begin to suffer and even can’t be made successfully.

Rotary Wood Dryer Technical Parameters

 Model  Gradient(%)  REV(r/min)  Degree input(℃) Power(kw)  Output(t/h)  Weight(t) 
 AMS-HG0606  3-5  3-8 ≤700   3  0.5-1.5 2.9
 AMS-HG0808  3-5  3-8 ≤700   4 0.8-2.0  3.5
 AMS-HG0810  3-5  3-8  ≤700  4 0.8-2.5  4.5
 AMS-HG1010  3-5  3-8  ≤700 5.5  1.0-3.5 5.6
 AMS-HG1210  3-5  3-8  ≤700 7.5  1.8-5 14.5
AMS-HG1212  3-5   3-8  ≤700 11  2-6 14.8
AMS-HG1512  3-5   2-6  ≤700 15  3.5-9  17.8
 AMS-HG1812 3-5   2-6  ≤800  18  5-12  25
 AMS-HG2212 3-5   1.5-6  ≤800 18.5 6-15  33
AMS-HG2218 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 22 10-18 53.8
AMS-HG2220 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 30 12-20 56
AMS-HG2420 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 37 18-30 60
AMS-HG3020 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 55 25-35 78
AMS-HG3025 3-5 1.5-6 ≤800 75 32-40 104.9



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