Amisy Machinery is a professional manufacturer of pelleting, cooling, crushing, drying and packing machines for biomass and feed pellets. Amisy can more than meet your requirements for high quality at a reasonable cost.


Amisy Machinery is always trying to improve the output and quality of biomass pellets and feed pellets, reduce the energy consumption in the processing. It can more than meet your requirements at a reasonable cost.



Amisy Machinery is a professional manufacturer of pelleting, cooling, crushing, drying and packing machines for biomass and feed pellets. Both individual machines and complete production lines are available.



Amisy Machinery is more than a professional partner who can provide advanced pellet machines and technology. It is also a truly problem solver who knows you well during your development. It provides you more information.


Wood Pelletizing

  • Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

    Ring die wood pellet mill is used to process wood materials and biomass residues into fuel pellets. It provides larger capacity and higher efficiency for wood pellets production. 

  • Electric Flat Die Wood Pellet Mill

    Electric flat die wood pellet mill is an ideal choice for small-scale wood pellet production at home, on the farm or outside in the open air. Driven by electric motor, it is more energy-saving.

  • Double-Inlet Wood Crusher

    The double-inlet wood crusher is a type of newly developed wood crushing machine, which integrates the process of chipping and crushing to get the wood sawdust directly.

  • Mobile Wood Pellet Production Line

    Mobile wood pellet plant with capacity of 500kg/h, is a movable plant. Contains wood crusher, pipe dryer, flat die pellet mill, pellet cooler etc. The machines are installed on one foundation frame.

  • 800-1000kg/h Straw Pellet Plant

    Various straws can be made into straw pellets, which can be used as bedding pellets and fuel pellets. Amisy provides straw pellet solutions and production lines. Capacity can be customized.

  • 2T/H Giant King Grass Pellet Plant

    Giant king grass pellet plant is used to process the giant king grass into fuel pellets to improve the combustible feature. The whole pellet line is highly automatic.

Feed Pelletizing

  • Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill

    Ring die feed pellet mill is designed for making crushed raw material into feed pellets. It is with large capacity of 2-20t/h, suitable for medium or large feed processing factories.

  • Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder

    Dry type fish feed extruder is used to process various kinds of grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab, etc. Ideal machine for aqua-farms, feed plants.

  • Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill

    Diesel flat die feed pellet mill can be used to process grain materials into pelleted feed for feeding animals. It is suitable for poultry farms, cattle farms and small scale feed pellet plants etc.

  • Cattle Feed Pellet Plant

    Cattle feed pellets can satisfy the growth needs of cattle in different growth stages. We can customize the cattle feed pellet plant according to your requirements.

  • Chicken Feed Pellet Plant

    We supply turnkey solutions of chicken feed pellet plant. Large, medium or small chicken feed pellet production lines can be customized. High quality, factory price.

  • Fish Feed Pellet Production Line

    Fish feed pellet production line can help you make floating or sinking fish feed. Fish feed formula and tips to pay attention when feeding are prepared. Capacity can be customized.

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